HD video, color, sound, 3’10’’
Variable dimensions

Video stills

Installation view

"Ostrich" (2016-2017) is a film that documents an action performed by the artist. The main action of the film is the burial of its own head in the ground, in reference to the fake popular belief that the ostrich buries its head in the ground in the presence of great danger.

It's a false popular belief, probably rooted in animation, but which is apprehended as truth. It’s from this incompatibility with the facts that the need arises to underline this idea present in the common imaginary, carrying out an action that leaves open the interpretation of its ideological restlessness. The work points in an ironic and even humorous way, for our response to this visual and ideological stereotype rooted in popular culture.

Director: Fábio Colaço
Producer: Follow Creative Studio
Camera: António Freitas, Sofia Rivas
Image Post-Production: António Freitas
Sound Recording and Post-Production: Tito Pires
Location: Monte Selvagem - Reserva Animal
Animal Assistant: João Sá, Joana Galego
Acknowledgements: Bárbara Bulhão, Paula Santos, Pedro Santos, Monte Selvagem - Reserva Animal