Mixed media
Variable dimensions

Trevum (flyer), (2016-2017), off-set print, 15 x 10 cm.

Video still from Trevum, (2016-2017), HD video, color, sound, variable dimensions.

Trevum (Guia Astral), (2016-2017), “Guia Astral” magazine from January 2017, 35 x 26 cm.

Installation view at Museu das Artes de Sintra

In 2016, the post-truth era began. This year was marked by a serie of episodes that were already trailing in time, but which were subject to a progressive media attention not only for the novelty/surprise effect, but also because the level of atrocity reached unprecedented levels.

"Trevum" (2016-2017) arises around a set of problems, which according to the time in which we live, call into question the belief and its role in the current reality mediated by images, which tend to be increasingly more subjective.

Trevum is a fake natural multivitaminic with no apparent form, created by the artist, used to control the bad luck and life disconforts. For a month, this product was advertised through different media. Part of this campaign was made through an advertisement legally published in Guia Astral, a well-known Portuguese magazine of astrology. This action gives rise to an installation, which presents the media used to publicize the product and other documents that prove the acceptance of the innovative product by the magazine and by the public as the solution to questions without response (slogan of the alleged product).