Untitled (dogma)
Resin, fiberglass, wood structure, oil paint
130 x 100 x 92 cm

All images © Fábio Colaço

The work is based on the mimetic reproduction in resin and fiberglass of a stone found in a public space, whose origin is unknown.
The material this replica is made of is very light, but the way it is oil painted suggests the weight and robustness of a real stone. It remains suspended above the public, in an absurd presence in the manner of Magritte, which lifts us into a waking dream, at a time when truths are imposed on us - belief as a paradigm - with the creation of alternative facts or true fictions, which act in language, in communication, and which drastically influence contemporary life.
In this context, the title is a key element, since from this false truth, it suggests a belief or idea that cannot be questioned or changed, that cannot be changed, that cannot be rationalized, an immutable truth, like a stone that (apparently) cannot be moved or even touched.